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Before calling for Service.

Before you call an expert dealer to service your unit, take a moment to make sure you are prepared for the appointment. That way, you can ensure your dealer has all the information he or she needs, and can get directly to work on getting your systems into top-performing condition.

Here are a few things to check before calling for service:

  • Know where all of the units in your system are located.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting (refer to our troubleshooting guide)
  • Check your air filter. A dirty air filter is a common cause of problems.
  • Write down the model and serial number of all your Carrier Products.
  • Be ready to explain clearly what symptoms or problems you have had.
  • Know how long ago your problem began.
  • Make sure the system is accessible by the dealer. If there is something blocking any of your
  • Products, please remove it.
  • If your system products are in an attic or crawl space, please make it easily accessible.
  • Lock pets in a separate room so they don't get in the way or get hurt.
  • Make sure there is an adult home to legally allow entry to your home.
  • Be prepared to answer the phone. Many technicians will call to confirm the appointment.
  • If you rent your home, make sure you have your landlord's permission to have your system serviced.
  • If your unit is frozen, shut it off before the technician arrives so its thawed and ready for service.
  • Make available if possible, a file containing information on all prior services performed on your system.